SHR Hair Removal

What is SHR


Super Intense Pulse Light is the latest version of Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL for short). AW3  super Flash Combo is the third generation system that glides along the skin.


  • It is 10 times faster than any other IPL system; full leg treatment in just 10 minutes

  • It is pain free

  • It will work on tanned skin, white hair and dark skin which is better than previous IPL system

  • It is precisely programmed to achieve superior results compared to any other IPL or SHR system

It is used to treat hair removal, skin rejuvenation,  acne, pigmentation, thread veins and wrinkle reduction.


This is a non invasive and non ablative treatment that uses direct intense pulses of light, in short bursts, to improve the appearance of skin.



 How does it work?

The visible light source used in this procedure is attracted to   melanin, which is found in hair.

 Because there is more melanin found in darker hair the darker the  hair is, the more effective the treatment. During the treatment, an optical coupling gel is applied to the skin to aid the treatment.

 This help to aid the light into the skin and to protect the skin from burning. The applicator is pressed onto the skin and the light energy is absorbed into the hair causing a heat reaction to destroy the follicle. 


Which types of clients can be treated?


Clients with darker hair will find the treatment most effective due to the large concentration of melanin found in the hair, which will give optimal absorption of light energy and convert into heat.

Clients with fair hair will find the treatment less effective as there is little melanin found in the hair, therefore less heat is produced giving us less certainty of destruction of the hair in the follicle.