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Skin Tightening

Skin tightening improves the quality of your skin and allows you to look more toned by removing loose skin.

The process is noninvasive and nonsurgical making the experience as hassle-free, pain-free and affordable as possible.

How Does It Work?

Skin tightening targets the deeper layers of skin, heating and stimulating the skin and in particular, the collagen, a substance which gives elasticity to the skin. As collagen fibres shrink they tighten up, allowing the skin to become more toned and better looking

Skin Tightening, Youthful

Skin Tightening In Detail

Skin Tightening used Radio Frequency, a non-invasive treatment, in which radio waves are directed at deep layers of the skin to produce a heating effect. This causes water molecules in the deeper layers of skin to vibrate, creating friction and heating them up.

When heat is applied to collagen fibres, they shrink and tighten up, and over time following the treatment, new collagen also forms. Whilst the deeper skin layers are being heated, the therapist will cool down the top layers of skin using a cooling gel.

The treatment can be used on any part of the body to tighten any loose and sagging skin. It is also suitable for any age group. After treatment, the skin contours more to the body as it has tightened up and it will also become rejuvenated, being younger and fresher in appearance. It is effectively used on areas of the face and neck, the breasts and tummy, and upper arms and thighs. It is an ideal treatment for the face as a way of reducing the visual effects of the ageing process. Instead of plumping out the tissues (the outcome of filler treatments), it simply aims to tighten up the sagging skin.

Radio Frequency Treatment has been used for many decades for a variety of medical applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does radio frequency skin tightening work?

Radio frequency (RF) technology represents a new frontier for treatment of lax skin, fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite.The result is skin shrinkage, new collagen production and increased blood circulation, all of which provides lifting and tightening effects. You will notice a change in your skin that will appear immediately after the first treatment and will continue to improve for weeks to come. Lax skin will be firmer and more toned, not to mention healthier and younger looking, while wrinkles will be considerably reduced.

Q: What does the radio frequency skin tightening procedure involve?


Radio frequency (RF) skin tightening treatment takes about 30 to 60 minutes depending on which areas are being treated. The client experiences sensation of warmth over targeted areas of loose skin, cellulite or fine lines or wrinkles.


Q: Is there a recovery time after the radio frequency skin tightening procedure?


Radio frequency skin tightening is mainly popular due to its high efficacy and no recovery time. Your skin may remain slightly red for 30 to 60 minutes after the procedure. It may also feel somewhat dry for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, but clients may return to their normal daily routine immediately.


Q: How many treatments will I need?


We recommend a series of four to eight Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatments, approximately one to three weeks apart, with the best effect being seen two to six months following the final treatment.

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